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At 5 Tacos & Beers, we take immense pride in the food we offer and the quality of our ingredients. We have diligently sourced the finest locally-sourced and all-natural ingredients available, ensuring that our dishes are of the highest standard.

To ensure that we can deliver the best, we have collaborated with some experts. Here are a few of our collaborators who have made this possible


Corfini Gourmet was founded to support chefs with the highest quality ingredients and service at an affordable price. Corfini isn’t a company that just sells food; their goal is to become an unrivaled leader and educator of all proteins, nose to tail.


Mary's Free-Range Chicken

Mary’s Free Range Chickens is a family owned company operated since 1954. Mary's Free-Range Organic Air Chilled Chickens are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators. 

No Added Water, Fed Vegetarian Diet, No Preservatives, No Antibiotics Ever, Raised Without Added Hormones.


Petaluma Egg Farm

Independently owned and operated since 1983, nestled in coastal Sonoma County. Pioneers in farming natural, cage-free, and organic eggs in California. 

With mild days and cool evenings, chickens flourish in an ideal agricultural environment. A healthy, stress-free chicken produces the best eggs. taking bio-security seriously and knowing exactly where every egg we sell comes from. 



REEL Produce is a family-owned and operated business with over 37 years of combined experience in the produce industry.

REEL Produce prides itself in supporting and promoting local ranchers and growers. Typically, produce is picked up with their own trucks when the season is local. All organic products have been grown and processed according to uniform standards that have been verified by the USDA


Acme Bread Company

Since our bakery's establishment in 1983, we have expanded our product list to over 100 items, incorporating organic and locally sourced ingredients. 100% of our flour is now organic, along with other ingredients sourced by our flour provider, Keith Gius

We use this Berkeley-based bakery to provide our sourdough and cinnamon currant bread for our brunch menus on weekends. 


The Butcher's Son

With an aim to provide nostalgic comfort food without a trace of animals, The Butcher’s Son has become a favorite amongst vegans and non-vegans alike.

The Butcher’s Son is owned by brother-sister owners Peter Fikaris and Christina Stobing who have been hard at work meeting customer demand. Healthier and more sustainable food and cruelty-free as possible. 

We are happy to use vegan cheeses and dairy products from this Berkeley based deli for our  vegan Quesabirrias, Elote and vegans dishes in all of our locations.