Served evreyday except Mondays between 11am - close

meatless monday

Meatless Mondays? at a Taco place? Hear us out! We want to rethink the notion that tacos are simply grease and meat. Inspired from chef Lito Saldana, growing up in El Aserradero, Jalisco, he witnessed the taco taking shape by some of the best ingredients grown directly from earth. He challenges you to try a meatless taco with some of the most tastiest and fresh ingredients to ever touch a taco. We guarantee you wont be able to eat just one. We are excited for our community in Albany and surrounding to try our plant based options. World Health Organization says we eat 3X the average meat consumption than we should. We left out one of the best parts. We will be pairing these tacos with a vegan BEER from Modern Times Brewery, an all vegan brewery that rivals most beer we have tasted, and we have tasted a lot!  

$5 drinks  Selected beers | House wine | Michelada

taco tuesday

Taco Tuesday has been celebrated by food lovers all over the globe. We decided to take a step back and creat a new Taco Tuesday concept at 5 tacos and Beers. Seafood Taco Tuesday. 


Why seafood tacos you might ask?


Seafood is a high-protein food that is low in calories, total fat, and saturated fat. As our audience grows more health conscious while still demanding exquisite taste, we decided to combine both worlds and give taco lovers delicious and nutritious options.

High in vitamins and minerals, seafood has been shown to have numerous health benefits on top of being wildly tasty.

From shrimp tacos to IPA infused beer butter fish and more,  our seafood Taco Tuesday menu has something for everyone to enjoy. Come find out every Tuesday at 5 Tacos & Beers.

$5 drinks  Selected beers | House wine | Michelada

saturday & sunday
brunch menu

Weekend Taco Brunch from 10a to 3p

Good food, Good friend's. The weekend is here and we waited too long for a nice relaxing day of Taco's and Craft Beers.

Bring your phones, snap some pictures and be sure to tag us at #5tacosandbeers.